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Where do you find inspiration?

Where do you find inspiration?
Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Where I Find Creative Inspiration.

Most of the time whenever I feel like I need to stir up some creativity I have a few resources that help out. One is kind of a quick fix or to get me out of a bind. The other two, I try and do as much as possible.

The first example, Design websites, is actually not my favorite. I use this one usually for quick fixes. It should be no surprise that designers have several websites that they like to visit a lot. I have a list of several that I go to from time to time but for the purpose of this post I will share two of my favorites.

The Fuel Brand Group of Sites.

The Fuel Brand Network is a group of sites dedicated to all things related to creative development. Whether it's an idea, business or some other project you cooked up late one night... we aim to help creative persons like yourself not only get inspired, but also to give you a place where to come and grab the tools necessary to "fuel" your passions. Take advantage of these resources to make your web media, marketing and business development goals come to life.

I am new to this site, but I must say, It is great. The Fuel Brand Network has several different sites that offer creatives from all walks of life, great resources for learning and developing. The community of sites is wonderful and I hope to get involved more with the community. It is worth checking out for sure! Make sure you look at the other sites they have available.
Visit the Fuel Brand Network Website HERE. []

Graphic Exchange

graphic-exchange is an alternative to the "links only" web site, showing you the a selection of work directly on this site. I also use it to present my own work.

I prefer printed material to digital, and this is why, over the years, I have proposed a designer's "graphic-exchange".
Graphic-Exchange is an old staple for me. I LOVE it. The work he shows on this site is amazing! Work done by GREAT DESIGNERS. I really can't say much more than this. Just have a look and see. Visit the Graphic-Exchange Website HERE.

The second example is Reading.

Reading is something that I try to do all the time. Reading can help you use your imagination and get you to think differently. Also, it's great to read something that you normally would not ever read. For example, for myself I lean towards non-fiction books. So, instead of always reading just non-fiction it does us well to read something out of our comfort zone. By doing this, we are exposed to different ways of seeing things.
As a side note: visiting the Bookstore or Library can prove to be a treasure chest of ideas in the making. Just browse around, notice the design of the covers and the interior of the pages as well. Just like above, don't hang out in the design section, go to a section that you have never been too. You might be surprised at what you will find.

The third example is Sketching.

Recently I've been doing a sketch a week for a Facebook Group that I am a member of. Moleskine Mondays. This has been a great release for me and allows me to just be creative and not constrained to rules. You can sketch whatever you like. It doesn't matter just doing it helps. If you don't like to sketch then you can try and write down different ideas that you have. Brainstorm on them and maybe something will come up for a future or present project.

There are a million different things we can do to help inspire us. The important thing is to do something. By breaking the norm we can see things differently which will help us when designing. Even driving a different route on the way to and from the office can help. What are some things that you do for creative inspiration?


I have surfed the ENTIRE internets for you a found a MASSIVE list of websites that designers like to visit. I am putting this list in a FREE 17 page Adobe PDF file that is available for download
To Download Adobe PDF FILE CLICK HERE! []

As a bonus to the document I am including a list of my favorite Books for inspiring minds and a set of images from my sketch book.

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