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Proper Care For Men"s Shirt

Tips On How to Keep Your Shirt in Good Condition Men always look good and sophisticated with a perfect dress shirt.
Typical cotton men's shirt is not made to be dry cleaned with harsh chemicals.
Most men just take their shirts to the laundry and in the end the shirt doesn't last long.
Knowing the proper care for your dress shirt is very essential in keeping your shirt crisp and in good condition.
It can also help you save on your clothing budget.
Here are some tips to keep your shirt in good condition: Do not dry clean your shirts! Those harsh chemical will damage the fabric.
Some chemicals even turn your shirts to yellowish color.
You wouldn't like your expensive shirt destroyed right? Read the care labels of your dress shirt.
Manufactures also care for how you wash your shirts.
After checking the care label, remove the collar stays and button up the collar, this will prevent the shirt from twisting in the washing machine.
Read the operating instruction of the machine and always wash your shirt in a delicate cycle, to slow down the revolutions and actions of the center agitator.
You can also hand wash your shirt using a mild detergent soap Do not wash it with other shirt that is in different color to avoid stains.
Also when using a deodorant let it dry first before putting your shirt on to prevent stains.
If there are stains especially on collars and cuffs, rub the stain sticks immediately.
Press with steam iron to give that crisp, finished look.
The steam will help protect the fabric.
But if you are going to use iron, always check if there is stain cause iron will set the stain permanently.
Iron the collar from the underside then turn the shirt over and iron the same way for the front of the collar.
As for the cuffs iron it inside out just like the collar, but remember to lay the sleeves flat and start ironing from the cuff upward.
For the shirt's body, iron it starting from the shoulder down to the end of the shirts.
To keep your shirt's nice shape use wooden or plastic hangers with firm shoulders.
Learning how to take care of your dress shirt is essential, provided with the correct pressing and washing strategies can make your shirt always look good and spectacular.
And we know that dressing makes a good impression.
With all these tips your shirts will surely last long and stays crisp and in good condition.
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