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How A Premier Marketer Achieves An Unlimited Stream Of Customers

Do you like the idea of marketing? If you do, you're way ahead of the game. Nine times out of ten when I talk to business owners who are trying to figure out ways to improve profits, they admit that they don't really like marketing. They say it makes them feel like they are self-promoting. This mindset is particularly common among professional services providers. (Attorneys, therapists, doctors, and accountants, I'm talking about you.)

Let's get one thing straight: marketing is the most important function in your business. No matter what your business does. Marketing (reaching a prospective customer) is the engine that makes your business a business. You can't "not like" marketing and really achieve your profit potential.

You can't be "no good" at marketing and expect much from your business. Let me repeat this concept, in all caps and bold letters for emphasis:


If you learned that it's not polite to toot your horn, someone taught you wrong. It's true that no one likes a braggart, but marketing isn't about bragging. I told you earlier that I believe that marketing is about solving someone's problem. And if you know in your heart that you have something, a product or service, that can really help someone get what they want, transform their life, or move to the next level, it would be a shame to keep it to yourself.

When you consider marketing from this perspective, it's easy to see that you can ethically, professionally and honestly toot your own horn. And, you can accomplish in a manner that you are proud to be a part of.

So go out there and spread the word. You've got something great to offer. Your challenge is to find the people who want and need it.

The One Mistake That Will Kill Your Business FAST!

Most businesses try to sell to everyone. They feel that everyone can use their product or service, so they'll make a lot of sales if they take a scattershot approach. Many undertake a campaign that is broad-based and general in its appeal...on paper. That's why "undertake" is exactly the right word to use with these businesses. They're going to be six feet under fast.

The reason? Selling to 'everyone' is a fatal flaw. Your marketing message must be laser-focused on a target market...a niche...because people prefer things meant especially for them. This concept drives the sales of everything from mass-produced clothing with single-initial monograms to personalized coffee USPs and state-specific license plates.

I discovered a long time ago that the easiest thing to sell was what people want to buy. And what they want to buy is the product/service that appears to be custom-tailored to their needs.

Stake A Claim with Niche Marketing

No matter what you sell - even if it's a product or service that everybody can use - you will be much more successful if you learn niche marketing. Niche marketing is a multi-part process that includes locating unique markets with untapped profit potential, learning everything about them, and making irresistible offers to them.

The trick to niche marketing is that the message is specific and highly targeted. It's extremely in "I'm talking to YOU" personal...and your content "speaks' to the unique needs of your target. That's what makes it compelling.

You don't have to only sell in one niche. If you have the infrastructure to support multiple niches you can sell into as many niches as you can support. But you must give each niche the feeling that this is all you do and you do it "especially for them."

Your Marketing Niche

When looking at markets to go after, you must make sure that there are ways to find out who the prospects are in that niche and whether the niche is profitable.

The following questions will help you separate 'good' profit-making niches from "bad' expense-sucking niches. If your idea for a profitable niche makes you answer "No" to the majority of these questions, run (do not walk) to a new target market.

If there aren't any competitors in a niche market, don't get too excited. Usually no competition means you can't make a living with this target market. That's not a hard and fast rule...just a warning.

After you've asked the questions above and looked at the answers, the most important question you must ask is

Can I make a profit from this niche?

You can't please everybody. There is a huge canyon between the USP for high-end shoppers and bargain hunters. Which market do you want to go after? As you proceed through this manual you will learn principles that will help you decide what niche would be best for your business.

How to Write a Niche Marketing Sales Letter

Writing sales letters or letters of persuasion is part art and part science. Not every letter you write will work, but if you follow a scientific approach, your letters will be more effective and get higher responses. The upside of niche marketing is that your messages can have a narrow focus and zero in on the elements that matter to your target demographic.

Effective niche sales letters follow four fundamental steps. All sales letters do, actually. Each step follows a logical sequence that leads your prospect to a decision point.
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