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How to Create Great Landing Pages to Boost Your PPC Campaigns

The world of Internet marketing changes rapidly, and the term "landing page" is one that is relatively new to online businesses.
If you haven't heard the term before, it refers to a specific web page that is reached when a potential customer clicks on a PPC ad.
These pages are also called lead capture pages because they can function as a way for a business to get some information from a user (name, email, etc.
) that will help that business to build a mailing list of potential clients.
In other words, the landing page "captures the lead" for the business owner.
Online marketers use transactional landing pages to encourage potential customers to interact with their business in a way that will lead to the immediate or eventual sale of their product.
Some landing pages require the user to input an email address (a lead capture page) in order to obtain more information about the product they are pursuing.
Others simply ask a customer to "Click Here" to learn more or to "See Clearance Items Here.
" Whenever a visitor to a landing page carries out the suggested action, that visitor is counted as a "conversion.
" Web marketers use their conversion rates to figure out how effective their landing pages are and as a result, they can learn how to improve their entire promotional campaign.
Here are some tips for creating landing pages that will have high conversion rates and contribute to your successful online business.
• Use an ad spy tool to find out what keyword/ad combinations your competitors are using in their advertising schemes.
When you have that information, you can create a similar campaign that points customers to your landing page.
• Design your landing page to match your ad.
Let's say you are promoting audio books, for example, and have developed a keyword/ad combination that gets plenty of traffic.
Maybe the keyword is "audio mysteries" and the ad you are placing reads, "Get the most intriguing audio mysteries here.
" When you get a potential customer to click through to your landing page, be sure that he or she sees something about audio mysteries immediately.
Don't make the mistake of thinking that you can direct all kinds of audio book searches to one landing page or to your home page.
Many Internet shoppers are impatient, and if they are looking for mysteries, they don't want to have to scroll up and down your page to find them.
They also don't want to see lots of references to non-fiction, romance books, or westerns.
Studies show that a new website has only a few seconds to make a positive impression on users and if they do not find what they are looking for right away, they will simply hit the back button.
That is why each landing page must be customized for the keyword/ad combination that leads to it.
• Pay close attention to your lander's sales copy.
You don't want something filled with hype that will turn your visitor away.
Instead make it easy for your customer to see why he should make a purchase from you.
Your sales pitch should be presented in a logical, understandable way that leads a client to spend his money at your e-store.
If writing copy is not easy for you, consider hiring a professional to help you craft it.
At the very least, be sure that your grammar and spelling are perfect.
You want your visitor to think of your online business as a place that is filled with professionals that know what they are doing.
It is impossible to build that kind of trust with your clients if the landing page is poorly written or sloppily put together.
• Don't be afraid to keep modifying your lander.
Ask friends and family members from several different demographic groups to look at it for you and give their honest opinions.
If you are marketing to a particular age group or gender, make your page as appealing as possible to that group.
• Insert a keyword tracker into your lander.
This is a service that is available from Google AdWords, and allows you to tell exactly which of your ads is bringing the most visitors to your landing page.
It also tells you which places on the web referred your customers to your site if you are advertising in more than one spot.
Well-developed landers can do a lot to improve your conversion rates.
While it is true that your PPC ads drive people to your site, it is also true that the landing page is the main factor that helps people decide whether or not to make a purchase.
Be sure to make them the best they can be.
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