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I Do Not Know What It Is With Me and Dentists

I do not know what it is with me and dentists. I seem never to have pleasant experiences. I think I bring some bad mojo with me. Even as a kid, every time I went to the dentist I had to have something major done. I still have a problem going to the dentist.

When I was growing up we did not have a lot of money, thus we did not go get our teeth cleaned every 6 months. That was probably where all the problems started, if I had grown up near a west jordan dentist I might have seen them more often.

I remember my Mom took me to the dentist I was about 9. They said that one tooth in front was crowding the other teeth and needed to be removed. So, they numbed me up. I remember this like yesterday, I have felt pain many times at the dentist but this was the first. I felt everything, the slow twisting and pulling was excruciating. There I was laying on the chair at the mercy of a torturer. I remember looking at my mom out of the corner of my eye and feeling my tears rolling out of my eyes. She was crying too, she knew I felt this and it was more than just being scared. She said something to the dentist and he gave me another shot. It was too late by then they were almost done. Sitting in the car afterward my mom hugged me and kept saying she was sorry. She was sorry....I was sorry! I promised myself that I would never go dentists again. Of course, I know that was just a childhood wish that would not come true.

That was my first memory of the dentist and it is followed by many other painful ones. The next time I went to the dentist I was told I need a root canal. This has to be one of the most evil services performed by dentists. Do they sit around thinking of ways to inflict pain? That is what I thought. The root canal only solidified my fear of dentists. For years, each time I went to the dentist something major had to be done and it hurt. I think I have a low pain tolerance and feel everything.

So I finally moved and found a dentist in west jordan. I timidly went to him for cleaning services, hoping that is all that needed to be done. I could not beleive it when the dentist said everything looked great, see you in six months. I swear my ears were playing tricks on me, but it was true. I was so happy. In fact, slowly after a couple of visits I began to hope that my torture had ended.

The curse, I felt had been lifted. I no longer put off going to the dentist. I loved my dentist in West Jordan. My mouth was in the best health it had ever been in. Then one time a so called friend persuaded me to try her dentist. I thought I was safe so I did. What a mistake, that dentist reminded me of all of those old dentists using old procedures that did nothing but cause me a lot of pain. As soon as that dentist that my friend recommended told me that I needed to have some work done, I was out of there. I did not look back until I reached my dentist in West Jordan. ad5951a677c3015402499409b4f69271
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