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EDC Diamond Opportunity - Real Truth Behind The EDC Diamond Opportunity

Do You Trust EDC Diamond Top Earners Who Has Flashy Stuff?
Since the beginning before EDC Diamond was around there was easy daily cash gold.
Now, you may even think that this is a ground floor opportunity.
It may be true it may be not but thats for you to judge.
My mission is to be able to provide you with a concise review about how this program works and what to watch out for.
What Goes On Behind The Veil? As exciting as it seems, all EDC Diamond really represents is an extension of its predecessor the easy daily cash gold program.
The only real difference is in the products that they offer and the price of $2,497.
Yes, you read that right, but if you scroll through the program and courses it is a package full of personal development and Internet marketing mash ups.
By that I mean the kind of stuff to keep you motivated and available to network marketers in other programs.
Truth Behind The Compensation Plan There is a compensation opportunity of about $1,500 on product sales and also $1,000 from people that joins you.
However, here is something you might need to know
They don't tell you these things upfront:
  • You need to pay an admin one time fee of $350
  • You need to maintain a monthly fee of about $50 each month
  • You will need to spend some advertising fee if you are serious
  • Point 3 is really optional but really if you are after the really qualified prospects you will need to spend some decent advertising budget to get there.
    Yes, I will repeat high paying customers are found normally in from home business magazine ads.
    Why They Keep Telling You To...
    Let me complete that sentence.
    Why they keep telling you to join a good mentor? I mean if everyone joins the top earner who is flashing the big checks and cars and nice bungalows by the beach side there is something suspicious here.
    You see, everyone who joins the EDC diamond opportunity could well be promoting the top earners themselves.
    Talk about maximum leverage for the big dogs.
    Are you starting to feel your muscles cramp up? Good, then we are on the same wavelengths here.
    The Truth Of The Matter At this point you may begin to see something more than EDC diamond itself.
    It could well be the marketing tactics described here to capture attention.
    This my friend is nothing more than good marketing in action.
    Watch and learn.
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