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Why Jewelry Makes the Best Push Present

After having a baby, a woman feels like she looks her worst.
No longer can she ignore the extra weight she is carrying around as "baby fat" now it is just fat.
Her hormones are all over the place since she just went through labor and becoming a mother.
Her middle is flabby and loose if she delivered naturally, and full of stitches if she had a c-section.
She is sleep-deprived, nursing, and normally a little frazzled.
What can help a woman feel prettier and better about herself during this time? Jewelry.
You might think that jewelry is the exact wrong gift to get a new mom.
After all, jewelry is not practical; it won't help her with the baby or give her any more sleep.
No, jewelry is all about encouraging the woman inside of a mother.
It makes her feel beautiful and reminds her that the dirty diapers, sleepless nights, and fat stomach are only a temporary stage of life.
Jewelry is also an important way for women to mark events in their life.
Engagement and marriage are the traditional examples of this, but many women also get jewelry for other significant events such as birthdays, new jobs, or established friendships.
By getting a woman jewelry for the birth of a baby you ensure that every time she sees that necklace, bracelet, ring, or earrings, she will think of the event it signifies.
A new dad might make the argument that he can't afford jewelry right after his wife has had a baby; after all they have a new mouth to feed now.
But part of the appeal of jewelry is the variety of styles and prices.
"History shows that during challenging economic times, high fashion jewelry actually does extremely well because women who used to spend money on more expensive jewelry will buy high fashion jewelry instead since it has the look of fine or Designer Jewelry at a fraction of the cost.
" Image consultants advise women to spend two-thirds of their clothing budget on accessories, because it's the most cost effective way to stretch your wardrobe.
So the amount of money spent on jewelry can be very small; it doesn't affect the emotional attachment a new mom will give to the gift.
The point of giving a women jewelry after she has a baby isn't to "pay" her for all the work she has done, it is to show her appreciation, encouragement, and make her feel more beautiful.
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