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Effective Advertising Methods

    Magazine Ads

    • Magazine ads are a cost effective way to reach a targeted audience. If you make hand-made fishing lures, you can take out a full page ad in "Fishing Lure Collector" for a fraction of what the same ad would cost in "Time" and reach just as many of the people who are interested in your product. Scour the market for trade and niche magazines that are read by people who want what you have, and focus your advertising dollars on these publications. Hire a professional writer or designer to help you make a clear and compelling ad to get the most for your money.


    • The Internet offers vast advertising opportunities, many of them cheap or free. Buy ad space with an ad-placement company such as Google Adsense. This company will search websites and blogs and automatically place your ads based on the content it finds on the site. Develop a Web presence by putting together a website to advertise your product and a blog to keep clients up-to-date about what your business is doing. Sign up for various social networking sites and start to put together a network of people who will hopefully become your regular customers.


    • Radio ads are a tried-and-true holdover from the days long before the Internet existed, and they still work today. Despite the influx of electronic toys such as iPods, Blackberries and laptops, millions of people still listen to the radio every day. Put together an entertaining ad that tells people what you can do for them. Develop an advertising budget that allows you to run the ad regularly for weeks or months. Repetition is one of the primary elements of effective advertising. Don't expect to get any results from a radio ad that you run once or twice.

    Word of Mouth

    • Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the most effective forms because it is passed between people who know and trust each other. Best of all, it doesn't cost you a thing. You can develop good word-of-mouth advertising by always giving your customers your best and treating them well. Giving your company a good reputation in your community is a necessary step in developing loyal customers. Loyal customers lead to more customers as they tell their friends and family about the good experience they had when they dealt with your business.

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