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The Real Danger of "Multiple Big Regulators"

Regulation is a topic that's hot in the news today.
We have so many government regulators taking over banks and such that people are frightened about the state of well-being in America.
For that reason, more and more people are coming online looking to make extra money, whether they're currently un- or under-employed, or they're just having trouble making ends meet.
One huge danger they fall into is listening to too many "regulators," which online we term as "gurus.
" They regulate what you learn.
And if you try to listen to too many of them, you could fall into the huge newbie mistake of information overload.
Lots of new marketers join every list, and get emails from every guru out there.
They're asked to buy this, try that, and many of them break their banks by buying everything that comes down the pike.
They're so overwhelmed that they get that old cliche "analysis paralysis," and do nothing because they just don't know where to start.
Here's the secret: Follow one person.
I don't care if it's me or someone else.
Find the person whose marketing message resonates with you.
Find someone you like and trust.
Then, follow him or her and forget everything else.
Just do what's proven to work and follow that system blindly.
Don't make substitutions.
Don't ask questions.
Just do what the system tells you to do, and do it to the letter.
After you have done this and become successful with making money online yourself, you may want to branch out a little.
If you're following someone who's really skilled at lead generation, for example, and you want to learn to drive article traffic, you may want to move to another person's system.
That's OK.
You have one thing down cold, and it's probably time to move on.
But here's the thing.
Unless you follow one system and become successful, you'll become discouraged, think you'll never make any money online and that everyone is feeding you a pile of crap.
When really, all that's wrong is that you're not focusing the way you need to in order to make things happen.
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