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What To Buy Your Young Child This Summer 2011

"Practical sumptuousness" is the hot new kid's fashion trend for summer 2011, inspired by the "Suri Cruise Effect" of dressing children in comfortable designer gear. Environmental influences are prevailing this summer season, with quality children's clothes made from sustainable, breathable fiber such as soft bamboo, organic cotton and linen.

This theme of natural, practical luxury will present itself in the form of Japanese/Korean fashion, combined with classic Victorian style and a hint of virginal Lolita. It is recommended parents choose kid's clothes and shoes with a disgruntled "mix and match" look in mind - comfortable pieces that look cool together but don't match in color, texture and/or fabric. Imagine the 80's rocker look but more delicate, floaty and innocent - without the inappropriate flesh-showing, leather-clad image.

Top tips for choosing fashionable kid's clothes this summer:

Heat-reflective whites and pastels are the expected on-trend
sunshine colors.

Boys' lightweight cotton tees with graphic prints, button-down
tops and long, patterned shorts are all too cool for school this
summer season.

The height of summer 2011 fashion for girls includes cropped
pants, bold printed Bermudas, two-piece swimsuits and flowing
floral dresses.

Comfortable all-terrain sandals, suede/leather flip flops and
Crocs are top kid's summer shoes for 2011, allowing little feet
to breathe and run freely.

Add key kid's fashion accessories such as Wayfarer-style
sunglasses, a floppy sunhat or Trilby and a woven fabric

Don't forget the essential swimsuit/shorts and casual beach

Whether your budget accommodates exclusive designer labels or high street brands, treat your child to some natural or organic summer clothes. Cotton, linen and bamboo are breathable, natural materials and will keep kids cool while they play (and sleep). It's also kinder to their skin, containing fewer chemicals than cheaper, man-made alternatives.

And what about those hot summer nights? Summer PJs should be really comfortable, so try to make sure elasticated waistbands are soft and not too tight and avoid spaghetti straps since they keep falling down. Soft, breathable fabrics are naturally the best. Light cotton nighties with ruffled necklines are fashionable for girls this summer season and printed "short johns" are expected to be the coolest summer nightwear for boys.

Finally, a note for hot summer days - while you are admiring how cute and trendy your children look in their mix and match summer 2011 outfits, protect their delicate skin with sun block and have a healthy drink handy while they concentrate on having fun in the sun.
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