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Selling a home is not an easy job. It takes a lot of time and patience before you will be able to find a potential buyer. It is not easy to sell a home yourself. A little guidance can help you get a good amount for your home. But in case you do not want a realtor to get involved in selling your house, you are practically saving about 4-6% of the sale value which would go to the realtor as his commission. There are 5 main things that will help you get your home sold without the help of a realtor.
1. Make sure your home is priced correctly. This is extremely important. Is you under price it, you will have to bear a loss and of if you over price it then you may not find good buyers for your home. Take a market survey of the ongoing rates. Check out the other houses being sold in your in your area. This will help get a clear idea of what your asking price should be.
2. Secondly, make sure your home is in a good condition. Keep yourself in the place of the buyer and think what changes you would want if you were buying this house. You can make a few basic repairs like changes the door knobs, the basin/sinks, the taps etc. generally buyers always want the house to be repainted. If it suits your budget, do it. You can do it yourself also. A new painted house will always attract more buyers. In case your house isn't repaired, the buyers will think of it as an extra burden on them. They will be paying for the house as well as repairing it too. So this does not sound as a good deal to the buyers. You may want to upgrade your house a little. This will also add to its charm. If you doing all this, you can increase the selling price.
3. Make sure your home is uncluttered too. Clean the garden as that will the first thing the buyers will see. Trim the lawn. Grow new flowers. The better you present your house; the better will be the chances of it to be sold. Make sure you have removed the old fallen leaves from your lawn. Clean the front of your house too.
4. You can remove a few of your personal stuff when people come over to check your home. This will make the rooms look a little bigger. You can dump all the unwanted items in your garage so that the house looks bigger and cleaner.
5. The last and the most important aspect is advertising the house. You can advertise it online, through classifieds, through flyers put up in local coffee shops, restaurants, book stores etc. Do not forget to add pictures of your house in the ad. Take good clear pictures on a sunny day. Mention all the required details, he selling price and your contact details too.

All the above mentioned points will help you sell your home without any help. Be patient and a little wise while making the deal.

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