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How Led High Bay Light Can Provide You With Good Return?

LED High Bay Lights are now regarded as the most durable and efficient lighting solution available on sale.They are able to reduce energy consumption while ensuring environmental and maintenance advantages that produce bottom-line cost savings for many business organizations.

Led technology based high bay light is mostly used in some important areas like factories, stadiums, gymnasiums, workshops, and warehouses that should be lighted from a distance which should not be less than 15 feet. Metal halide lamps, high pressure sodium bulbs, led tubes and fluorescent serve as the common replacements for these high bay lights.

HID (High intensity discharge) lamps are used as a substitute for led high bay lights. These lamps have a great many variants such as high pressure sodium, mercury vapour, metal halide which produce the same amount of lamp as that of led bay lights. They need high voltage to function but are vulnerable to moisture related damage. With just a finger touch the surface of a high intensity discharge bulb can retain a mark of oil, which can lead to breakage of the glass bulb when it is in use. And the end result is a damaged bulb or in worst cases explosion of the bulb may occur.

HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lamps have not been fully successful in replacing metal halide lights largely because of their limited light range. They emit yellowish orange light that most of the customers don't like. However, a fluorescent light produces better light and has minimum risks but its high consumption of electricity, mercury stuff and easy vulnerability to on/off cycle mechanisms makes it a less valuable choice.

The low profile LED, their high quality output, longevity and minimum load on AC, high score amongst energy efficient light applications have added to the popularity of high-bay lights.
Benefits of using LED high-bay lights

With 75-lumens-per-watt light output, LED bay lights are found to be more effective than Metal halide lamps.In fact, a hundred watts bay light can easily a 250 watts fluorescent or a 300 watts metal halide tube or lamp.

1)Flicker-free and low voltage operation ability
2)Low electricity consumption and high savings
3)15-20% cut down in air conditioning costs
4)Lower lumen depreciation than other available candle sources
5)More lasting power and minimal maintenance requirements
6)Better light distribution capacity than HID lamps or tubes
7)Low static build-up and extremely low distortion of light

Are LED high Bay lights worth used?

The answer is yes if you are undergoing one or many of the below listed conditions. You can install these lights, use them for de-lamping or re-lamping, upgrading light fixtures or redesigning your light system in case if

1)Your light fixtures have T12 or HID lamps.
2)Your light creates a buzzing sound and flickers at times.
3)You are residing in an area where power cuts are too common and you need lights that are not vulnerable to on/off cycle and operate without a long re-strike period.
4)Your workers are complaining fatigues and issues regarding vision.

If you want to harness this advanced light technology for saving power and reducing your electricity bills, then find out the most affordable and reliable range of led light high bay products at
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