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How To Streamline Your Marketing Video Production In 3 Easy Steps

If you are responsible for producing and managing video content for your company and need a solid streamlined process that will shave off time and the associated expense, here are a few tips that will help you glide through this complex process.
Start Out By Organizing and Thinking Out Your Desired End Product Video can be a very strong from of communication or it can be some pretty boring stuff no one wants to watch.
Yup, you've seen a lot of those and I bet you don't tolerate watching it for a few seconds more after it fails to grab your attention within the first few seconds.
It starts with your vision of the message you want to convey.
Having a general idea is good enough of a start.
If you are not a video producer yourself but perhaps a person in charge of managing the project, consulting with producers can bring forth more clarity on the best way to present your ideas, messaging or sales collateral in video form.
A great video producer will be able to craft and weave your story in a captivating pace that sends your message clearly and in the best of light.
Finding The Right Team Is Crucial If you've ever worked with an incompetent video producer that does not have the basic skills required to get the job done then you'll know the value of getting this first step right.
Whether you are a video producer coordinating shoots with your team or a person in charge of your company's video marketing production - Getting free access to a large database of highly skilled professionals will save you time weeding through unqualified producers.
The kind you will get in mass when you post a project in a general job board site.
Yikes! You need to bypass this extra time waster of a step.
It's a given that you need to check their demo reels for quality work but it also helps the weeding process if they are rated by a trusted third party rating system based on their previous work.
That way you are getting some form of social proof that this video producer is as good to work with as well as good at their job.
Also, having a limited budget may mean cutting a few corners but it doesn't mean you can't proceed with your project.
Some producers will be willing to work with you based on the parameters you set and they can recommend areas to cut cost where you can still be happy with your end product and get it within your budget.
So don't be shy about posting work and getting feedback from a producer community.
The Ability To Coordinate Multiple Shoots In Different Locations If you find yourself in a position to coordinate multiple shoots simultaneously in different locations, it is now easy to do with technology.
Here's a sample scenario where you will need the right tools in place.
You need your producers to shoot an event in New York and Miami, send your footage files to be edited in San Francisco and get it approved by executives in Dallas.
This could easily become a nightmare but no matter what the variables, time difference and professional expertise required to complete the job, it comes down to proper time and project management.
There's a lot of software that you can use to help you in this process but the key things to look for is the ability to share large files such as raw footage along with the associated documents, images, logos, artwork and sound files required to assemble the final video.
And when it comes to videos, you definitely need a screening area where you can get your files up and have it reviewed and shared from anywhere.
Comments, notes and changes in designated time stamps is a great work process that helps everyone involved.
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