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Top 10 Web Site Design Myths

The internet has brought the world together by people and businesses communicating with each other through electronic communication and websites.
Though there are common notions about web site design, there are also quite a few myths related to it that has to be cleared for better internet presence.
  1. The first myth is that only good content spells a successful web site design.
    However, on the contrary, a successful website needs not only good content, but it has to be supported by animation and sound.
    This makes the website more attractive and pulls in more customer loyalty for the site.
  2. Use of graphics has a connection with the second myth of web design that states that too much of graphics helps improve the appearance of a web design.
    Though graphics are required in a website, too much of it only drives away surfers.
    This is because websites with too much of graphics take too long to load.
  3. People generally think that the internet and web are the same.
    They are synonymous; however the web is limited to simple operations like transferring and formatting of ASCII text but is not useful for transferring large amounts of data.
    On the contrary, the internet can handle numerous tasks in a better manner than web browsers.
  4. It is thought that web design only consists of typography, layout and HTML document.
    However though this is the approach for traditional movers, it is today necessary to implement the right prototyping, proper planning phase and implementation phase for a successful web site design.
  5. Though previous concepts of the web revolved around developing a web page, today more importance is placed in creating dynamic websites that offer high transactional web applications like in e-commerce sites.
  6. The myth of website development being related to only browsers is true; however with the advancement of technology like.
    net enabled services, these services are now growing in popularity.
    This is because these services are not browser based and offer immense information and media access.
  7. It is generally thought that the front end is important in determining web design.
    However though the front end tends to display the visual design of the web site design that gives an idea of the products or services offered in the website, both information and interaction design are important parts when presented through the back end.
  8. A common myth is that things have been made easier because of the web.
    However though the introduction of frames, scripted actions, forms and embedded applets in web site design has improved web processing recently, it has led to many problems in the user interface.
    This is a major challenge web designers have to put up with today.
  9. People think that web applications are easy and fast to use.
    However whether it is an HTML document or a transactional web application, both of these applications have their own problems in developing codes and design.
    So it can't be said that web applications are easy and fast to use.
  10. Though many people ignore these myths, it is better to understand and avoid them for a better and more interactive web site design.
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