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Wedding Bands and The Advice People Tell You About Being Married

The day you get married is certainly going in the record books! This will be an exciting time in your life when you can finally look at your partner and call them your spouse.
After you exchange wedding bands at your ceremony, you will being you love together as husband and wife.
Plenty of people will try to give you marriage advice too.
You may want to take this advice with a brain of salt though.
Just because some advice worked for this one couple in Arizona does not make it good advice for you.
Here are some common "words of wisdom" people may give you that may not be very smart at all: They say never go to sleep mad.
On a very basic level, this makes sense.
Many people reflect in their childhood and remember being kept awake at night because their parents were mad at them or they had been put to bed without apologizing for their actions.
However, as you mature and blossom into an adult, you may find that it is okay to go to bed without resolving the issue.
Sometimes people need to "sleep on it" in order to calm down and really settle on a decision that is suitable for both parties.
There is no sense in staying up until 3am trying to decide on something because you are likely talking in circles at that point.
Always give your lady what she wants.
If you were to give your wife everything she wants, you would probably be broke and have a surplus of things she changed her mind about simply taking up space in your home.
Learn to stand your ground.
If she still wants this thing after a few months, then maybe it is worth discussing.
If it is something she impulsively wants.
Do not waste your time arguing with her because she will forget about it in a few days.
Your wedding day will be a time for both of you to shine.
This is the first time you will wear your wedding bands together and it will also be the first time the public sees the diamond wedding bands on your fingers too.
At the end of the day, you will probably get into some arguments about whatever it is that is bothering you, but no marriage is perfect.
As long as you can discuss the things that are bothering you, you will certainly be a happy camper for a long time.
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