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Let me tell you my story.
I am a stay at home Mom.
I do have a small business that I have been doing for fifteen years.
But due to the economy business has been rather slow.
I was looking for a way to earn extra money now, while business was slow.
I didn't want to get an outside job because then I risk losing my current home business that I have had for 15 years.
My husband has been doing business on line and earning money on line for several years.
He does make quite a bit of extra cash from doing this.
He still maintains a full time job.
Therefore he just doesn't have the time to put into the on line business that he desires, in order to take it to the next level.
He taught me about how I can earn money from home and how he did it.
I was a little reluctant at first because I am not that good on the computer and I do not serf the web much.
But I decided to give this a try anyway.
What did I have to loose? Nothing.
But if I could start an on line business and get it to work for me like he did, I could gain a lot more.
I have a lot more time to develop the business than he did.
I have seen a lot of advertising about how you can make $1000.
00s of dollars a week from home but I never believed any of that stuff.
I will be the first to admit to you that we still aren't there yet but now I do believe that it is possible with this program to get there.
I realize that times are tough right now and people do not have money to be throwing away chasing after a dream that will never come true or those get rich quick ideas.
But what I have found out is that for my $40.
00 I have learned so much and I have made my investment back hand over fist.
No, this is not something that you will start today and tomorrow you will have lots of checks in the mailbox.
You will have to read and apply yourself.
I felt that it took me a little bit longer to learn everything because I had never done any type of marketing online before.
Trust me it is not hard.
But my husband was very familiar with a lot of the language and the process of how to start a business on line and make money from it.
He taught me about: (1) how to write article for EzineArticles, (2) how to use ClickBank to set up and account and (3) how to promote my products on line.
But once he taught me about...
(4) Wealthy Affiliate Internet Marketing there was no stopping me then.
I found products that I could sell without having any inventory on hand.
I no longer had to worry about dealing with the cost of shipping the products or any of that stuff.
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